Please contact me via email for current rates


Training Rides 

Trailer-In Fee may apply

We do not currently offer lesson horses.

Lesson Packages Available to boarders at

Bright Meadows Farm, Millstone, NJ

Lessons and Training Rides @ your farm
(pricing with travel available on request) 

Clinic Rates - Minimum of 4 riders, please


Full Training Package

inquire for pricing

Available at Bright Meadows Farm, Millstone, NJ

and Trinity Dressage at Trinity Farm in Cream Ridge, NJ


Consignment Board

Available in Cream Ridge, NJ

Options available to suit your needs.

All lesson and training scheduling is done on Mondays. Please contact me at 732-910-7952 to arrange your lesson. Helmets are REQUIRED.  Training contracts are mailed in PDF format and payment is due by the 25th of each month




For all lessons and trailer-in training rides, 24 hr cancellation notice is required.


Showing is available at an affordable daily rate only to horses in our full training program.  

All show stabling fees, entry fees and travel expenses are the responsibility of the owner.

We do not offer for-hire trailering for outside horses.

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